Leaked iPhone 6 images suggest it'll be the biggest iPhone yet

The latest leaks regarding the iPhone 6 have suggested its screen will be larger than any iPhone past, and the most recent one points to the same. This image, seen on Nowhereelse.fr, is allegedly of the new iPhone’s battery, and it looks like it comes straight from the factory floor. But more importantly the battery looks too big to fit inside any existing iPhone, including the iPhone 5S.

At this rate the iPhone 6 is looking likely to have more leaks pre-release than the iPhone 5 smartphones. A few days ago CAD renders, a detailed technical schematic, and the phone manufacturing mold leaked, and not long before that other schematic drawings were released allowing for a render of the phone to be created. Now we have an image of what is claimed to be the battery that will sit inside the iPhone 6. The image you see above leaked to French website Nowhereelseand is apparently of the iPhone 6 battery. It looks like the iPhone 5S battery in shape, but is definitely longer, suggesting that the iPhone 6 is larger than the iPhone 5S. That ties up with the rumors that Apple is going to produce a 4.7-inch smartphone. A 5.5-inch is also expected, but production delays have put its launch back several months.

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