Mailbird e-mail client for Windows adds Spritz-like speed reader

Mailbird, the desktop email client designed for Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP machines, has gained a new feature today designed to speed up the daily trawl through your inbox. With apps like Spritz hitting the headlines, helped along by coming pre-loaded on Samsung’s range-topping Galaxy S5 smartphone, it was inevitable that a desktop client would also try and deliver a similar experience, which is exactly what Mailbird’s new speed reading option does.

Mailbird, a PC email client bearing resemblance to popular Mac app (and Google acquisition) Sparrow, is introducing an interesting feature in the hopes of helping users save time when reading long emails. The company has now added a “speed reader” option, which, when clicked, lets you read emails in a similar way to reading other text in other speed reading apps, like those powered by technology from SpritzSpreederVelocity and others. In case you’re unfamiliar with this trend, a number of apps have emerged recently, allowing users to read everything from books to news articles more quickly, using a technique that flashes words one at a time on the screen. 

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