Microsoft is bringing Windows to your car

Microsoft held its annual Build developer conference this week, and one of the concepts it showed off was a new ‘Windows in the car’ concept that could eventually take on the likes of iOS and Android in the battle for the automobile dashboard. Various custom versions of Windows have long been used in systems from Ford, BMW, Nissan and others, but Microsoft’s latest software vision has more than a hint of Windows 8 about it. 

Microsoft has been powering a lot of different car entertainment systems over the years. Ford, Kia, BMW, Nissan, and Fiat have all used special versions of Windows to create their own interfaces and systems, but Microsoft is also focusing on its own “Metro” user interface for its Windows in the car future. At the company’s Build developer conference this week, Microsoft’s Steve Teixeira revealed what that future will look like. It’s actually a lot like Apple’s idea of CarPlay, a method to project what’s on your phone screen directly onto a car’s infotainment system display.

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