Microsoft's Terry Myerson talks about the future if "One Windows"

If it’s taken Microsoft more than a year to repair the damage caused by Windows 8, should we be hopeful for Windows 9 and beyond? Following Microsoft’s Build conference, we look at what the future holds for Windows. Coming a year after the shaky launch of Windows 8, Microsoft’s first major update was more about coaxing the pitchforks out of the hands of the masses than it was about innovation and new features. 

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of operating systems, Terry Myerson, has a lot on his plate. Appointed to head Microsoft’s unified operating system group (OSG) last July, Myerson recently got even more power, now heading up everything in Xbox but the console hardware, along with the Windows client and Windows Phone operating systems. Before becoming OSG chief — and being considered for the CEO job at Microsoft — Myerson was head of engineering for Windows Phone and ran the Exchange business for the company. He joined Microsoft in 1997 when Redmond bought his Web-software startup, Interse.

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