MLG to build the world's first eSports stadium in China

Major League Gaming has announced plans to construct a 15,000-seat stadium dedicated to hosting eSports on China’s Hengpin Island. The MLG Gaming Arena will contribute to a video game-themed destination called the V-Zone, due to open in 2017. The V-Zone will be part of Lai Fung Holdings Ltd’s greater attraction known as the Creative Culture City, worth 18 billion Renminbi ($2.8 billion).

The eSports scene continues to grow. Major League Gaming announced plans this week to build the world’s first “MLG Arena,” a 15,000-seat stadium on Hengqin Island, which is off the coast of popular gambling hot-spot Macau. MLG announced the news Thursday, in partnership with Lai Fung Holdings Limited and eSun Holdings Limited. The new MLG Arena, located in what the company is calling the “V-Zone,” is planned as the centerpiece of an $18 billion “Creative Culture City” initiative for the Hengqin Island. In addition to operating as the site of the first-ever MLG Arena, the V-Zone is going to include an expo area for game developers to feature new and upcoming games, as well as gaming-themed restaurants and retail shops. The MLG Arena is scheduled to open in 2017, though no images of the stadium have been released.

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