Mojang launches paid subscription hosting service for Minecraft

It just became a lot easier for Minecraft players to host their own servers. Mojang has launched Minecraft Realms in North America.  “Realms is the easiest way for you to host a Minecraft world online,” Mojang explains on their blog. “You and your friends can work on an awesome creation, adventure into the depths, or play one of our featured mini-games with just a few clicks.” 

Minecraft Realms, a paid subscription service for online multiplayer hosting, is now available in North America, developer Mojang has announced. The service, which costs $13 a month, makes it easy to set up a server, and also automatically backs up the world at regular intervals so the host can restore realms to previous save points. Up to 20 players can be invited to a Realms server, and up to 10 of them can play at any one time. The service is aimed mostly at parents, who can use it to easily setup a server for their kids and restrict access to insure a safe online experience. It’s also available in other countries listed on Mojang’s website.

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