New portable printer is like a Roomba for printing

Printing that doesn’t have a 3D in front of it might seem dated, but it’s still needed by many people. So why not make it mobile? That’s exactly what Zuta Labs thought and has taken the initiative to implement. The Zuta Mini Mobile Robotic Printer has taken to Kickstarter to raise its $400,000 goal. This will help create a mini robot printer that can fit in a bag and print 1000 pages before running out of ink. Or after the one hour battery gives out before needing a charge via USB.

Technology and the Internet allow us to work from anywhere in the world, but there are still some tasks that require an office or administrator. One of those is printing. Sure, email is the communications medium for business, but very often you’ll need physical (hard) copies of documents and other items. Zuta Labs is an Israel-based company that wants to add printing to the modern entrepreneur’s mobile toolkit. Its Mini Mobile Robotic Printer has landed on Kickstarter, where it is asking for $400,000 to turn its prototype into a consumer product. That’s a lofty funding target — particularly for first-time Kickstartarians — but the concept itself is impressive, and it could be yours for the fairly reasonable ‘early backer’ price of $180. (Though it isn’t expected to ship until January 2015.)

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