PopCap Games veteran wants to help with back-end support

James Gwertzman spent eight years at PopCap Games, much of it in China, as the game industry went through many changes. PopCap’s own struggles to adapt to the new free-to-play game business spurred the idea for a new company. Gwertzman’s PlayFab, a Seattle spinout from online game company Uber Entertainment, will provide the back-end infrastructure that mobile and online game companies need to support their free-to-play games. 

During the eight years he spent working for Seattle-based PopCap Games, James Gwertzman witnessed the company make the transition to a free-to-play monetization strategy. It wasn’t easy. Suddenly, PopCap had to invest time and money into not only building and shipping a game, but creating a robust back-end architecture to run what was essentially a full-blown 24/7 service. PopCap wasn’t the only company struggling with this problem. “Companies kept building their back-ends from scratch,” Gwertzman said. “There had to be a better way.”

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