Samsung announces new line of premium headphones and audio devices

When you think of the Samsung brand, perhaps devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs comes to mind, but it seems that Samsung has its eye on the mobile audio market as well and has recently announced the Samsung Level series of premium audio products which are basically Samsung’s take on headphones and portable speakers. These products include the Level Over, the Level On, the Level In, and the Level Box. The names itself are pretty much dead giveaways as to what they are.

Samsung is getting into the premium audio business. The company announced Sunday night a new line of headphones along with a wireless Bluetooth speaker called Level. Level products will launch globally in the coming weeks, but Samsung hasn’t announced finalized dates and pricing for the U.S. yet. However, based on the specs, you can bet these new products won’t be cheap. There are four new products in the Level family. Let’s break it down. The Level Over is the top-tier model. The noise-canceling headphones pair with your smartphone wirelessly using Bluetooth and include touch controls on the side of the device. You can swipe up and down on the right speaker pad to adjust the volume, swipe forward or backward to change tracks, and tap the pad to pause/play.

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