Several Galaxy S5 cameras confirmed to have fatal flaws

Reports are accumulating of frequent permanent failures of the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera. A significant number of the new Samsung flagship phone are alerting users that “Warning: Camera Failed” with every user effort to ameliorate the problem failing. Users have been instructed to contact customer care, with some people that claiming that they have already received a replacement device.

The Samsung Galaxy S5’s 16-megapixel camera is one of its best assets, but it’s also turned into something of a liability for the company just weeks after launch. Complaints across internet forums have documented a major flaw with the camera on some devices — particularly the Verizon Wireless model — that renders the shooter useless. According to reports, a “camera failure” error has been randomly popping up for some new owners. There’s no obvious cause behind the bug, but once the error is received, the camera hardware becomes permanently disabled. Users have taken afflicted S5 phones back to carrier stores and Samsung’s own specialty sections at Best Buy in hopes of bringing the camera back to life, but only a physical exchange for a new device has remedied the problem so far.

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