Twitch accounts for 43% of all live streaming traffic

Video games now have more online spectators than traditional sports. Crazy, right? It’s crazy. According to Qwilt, a company that provides video caching services to content creators, Twitch is now the most popular live streaming site in the US. The outfit’s analytics group says the streaming site is more popular than UStream, the WWE, ESPN and combined, owning a massive 43-percent share of all live streaming traffic. 

Gamers are an unstoppable force that have tapped into the social dimension of gaming as a way to broadcast both their performance and passion. According to GiantBomb, “The moments we talked about on the playground as kids are no longer tall tales: they are recorded moments in your gaming history. They can be saved, shared and celebrated”. Gamers are maniacally devoted to their craft. They love to play and they love to watch great gaming online for both the entertainment value and the chance to improve their skills. So, it is no wonder that, when given the chance to watch a truly exceptional gamer play online, millions of fans show up.

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