Twitter begins phasing in pop-up notifications

On Thursday Twitter announced they are are set to launch pop up notifications for users of The notifications will be in real time and will happen when other users are engaging with another users tweets. To see the feature people will need to be logged in on, people will receive notifications if someone has replied, favourited or retweeted one of their Tweets. The notifications will also be for direct messages and new followers. 

In the coming weeks, you may begin to see real-time notifications while you’re using Twitter. As you can see in Twitter’s example graphic here, Christina is DM-ing Ducker: “Hey Ducker!” Ducker gets to watch – either in horror or sheer glee – as this pops up in real time, distracting his attention from the very important things that are happening on Twitter at that exact moment. According to Twitter’s blog post announcing the feature: “When you’re logged in on, you will receive notifications if someone has replied, favorited or retweeted one of your Tweets. You can also receive notifications for direct messages and new followers. They’re fully interactive, so that you can reply, favorite, retweet, and follow right from the notification.”

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