Valve's Steam controller rumored to go on sale this Fall

It seems that Valve’s new Steam Controller has managed to touch on a new possible release date, targeting the October or November window. That would make it arrive well ahead of the frenzied holiday shopping season, which is a good thing if it carries over the good vibes. So far, this rumor hails from anonymous but “trusted” sources, where the Steam Controller is scheduled for a roll out later this October or November.

Valve’s efforts to launch a new type of game controller may be out in the holiday shopping season time frame. PC Gamer reports, via an unnamed but “trusted” sources that the Steam Controller is scheduled for launch sometime in October or November. The report says that, according to their source, the launch of the Steam Controller is the final piece of Valve’s plan before the first Steam Machines go on sale. Valve announced in January that 14 third party Steam Machines. running on the Linux-based SteamOS, will launch before the end of the year, in a variety of hardware specs and prices.  PC Gamer’s story also says, again via their source, that Valve expects about 500 games to run natively on SteamOS by the time the first Steam Machines go on sale. That’s up from the current number of 382 games. Some PC makers will also include Windows dual-boot options with their Steam Machine products.

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