Verizon disables the PayPal fingerprint payment function on the S5

Samsung may not be the first company to release a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, but the decision to include PayPal support in the Galaxy S5 marked a potentially huge step forward for mobile payments. Verizon customers hoping to make use of the new feature may be out of luck though, according to a new report claiming the carrier has disabled PayPal support in the device. Droid-Life notes that when setting up the fingerprint sensor on a Verizon Galaxy S5, the option to allow biometric PayPal support is nowhere to be seen. 

What’s that? You thought Download Booster was the only feature that a U.S. carrier would remove from the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5? Silly, you. I’d imagine Download Booster is only the first of many. After spending only a few minutes with the Verizon variant of the GS5, we have already discovered that Big Red has pulled Paypal payments authorized with your fingerprint, another of the major features promoted by Samsung for their 2014 flagship. It was also announced this morning by Paypal. I noticed the missing feature, because in our video yesterday on how to setup the fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5 on the AT&T model, Paypal is listed as one of the features that can be used. On the Verizon model, that entire option is gone, along with any chance of getting it installed.

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