Xbox One won't be coming to Japan until September

If we’re being civil, Japan’s relationship with the Xbox could be described as “tenuous” at best, and the release date for Microsoft’s latest game console probably won’t do much to change that. Come this September 4th, gamers in the country will finally be able to claim an Xbox One for themselves. Yes, that’s around 10 months after it launched in the US and other “first tier” countries, and seven months after the PlayStation 4’s Japanese debut.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will launch in Japan on Sept. 4, the company announced today, revealing a list of more than 40 games heading to consoles in the region. Pricing information was not revealed. According to the announcement, 48 game developers (listed in full below) in the region have expressed their interest in developing software for the Xbox One, which will add to the titles already available for the console. Games that will be available in the region include Ryse: Son of Rome Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals, Sunset Overdrive, “Halo on Xbox One” and Dead Rising 3. A list of titles announced for release in Japan is available on Microsoft’s website.

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