AllCast for Fire TV to support audio/video splitting

The idea of using a device as wireless headphones isn’t really anything new. Some Roku boxes have a headphone port on their remotes, allowing for a private viewing experience. The Xbox One has a similar deal with the stereo headset adapter, which I use frequently. And now, developer Koush has announced that his app AllCast will feature the same thing for the Fire TV. The video demonstration shows a new button on the screen when streaming to an Amazon Fire TV box.

AllCast developer Koushik Dutta may have just given every geek in the world a reason to put an Amazon Fire TV in the bedroom. One of the coolest features to the more recent Roku boxes is the ability to use the remote control as the audio source for whatever is on the TV. You can stream something on Netflix, plug headphones into the remote control, and listen to the show without disturbing anyone around you. It’s something that is sorely missing from Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon’s Fire TV for a couple of reasons. Some of them don’t use remote controls at all, and using your smartphone to control the TV makes a lot more sense to many people out there. An update to local streaming app AllCast is going to give the Fire TV this option, but only when you’re using this app.

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