Amazon's same day delivery service expands to Dallas and San Francisco

Even though online shopping is very convenient the downside as opposed to walking into a brick and mortar retail store is that customers have to wait for their goods to arrive. Sometimes that may take upto two days whereas one can simply walk out of a store with their product. Amazon has tried to fill this gap by launching a same day delivery service, which was actually introduced back in 2009 but only covers about a dozen cities up till now. Today the service has been expanded to Dallas and San Francisco.

Amazon.comAMZN +1.56% is making it even easier to skip the mall. The e-commerce giant is set to broaden its same-day shipping service starting Thursday by allowing later ordering times in some places and adding Dallas and San Francisco to the dozen cities where it’s available. As well, Amazon will make it easier to find the roughly one million items that are eligible for same-day delivery, by adding search filters and a new section to the website for its “Local Express Delivery” service. It also is lowering the delivery fee for many orders made by members of its $99 Prime unlimited shipping program. For Amazon and other e-commerce companies, same-day delivery has long been viewed as a key obstacle in their effort to tackle brick-and-mortar retailers. Despite nearly limitless inventory, online retailers haven’t yet found a way to feasibly roll out same-day delivery for a broad swath of Americans.

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