Bitcoin ATM manufacturer Robocoin upgrades its network of machines

Robocoin, a popular bitcoin ATM provider, is announcing that they’re upgrading all of their ATMs to turn them into full service “banks” complete with account control, payment systems, and a method for handling multiple wallets. The ATMs will still support deposits and withdrawals into private Bitcoin wallets as well as manage transfers. According to a release, the ATMs will include three important features.

Leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturer Robocoin is upgrading its network of machines with bank-style features, including the ability to send funds to phone numbers. The Las Vegas-based company, which launched the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in Canada last October, said its ATMs in 13 countries will allow users to buy bitcoin or get cash in 12 currencies easily. It’s billing the new Robocoin Bank as “the fastest way to send cash worldwide.” The ATM services, which will launch this summer, will include the ability to store, access and send bitcoins from any ATM, or “branch,” as the company is now calling them. They can also transfer bitcoin instantly without users having to wait for confirmation on the blockchain, the public ledger of transactions in the cryptocurrency.

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