Chuck E. Cheese hs begun a six-week trial run of the Oculus Rift

Chuck E. Cheese, of all the finest restaurants in the world, has just begun a six-week trial run of the Oculus Rift in select locations in Dallas, and further stores in San Diego and Orlando are expected to follow. Families who make reservations at the store for a birthday party will be be granted the option to test out a new game called Virtual Ticket Blaster Experience created by ReelFX. CEC Entertainment president Roger Cardinale confirms that tickets earned in the Oculus game can be traded in for actual tangible real world prizes.

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is coming to Chuck E. Cheese’s. The kid-friendly restaurant/playplace founded by gaming icon Nolan Bushnell announced today that it is now testing a “Chuck E. Cheese’s Virtual Ticket Blaster Experience” using the virtual reality headset in select markets. The first is Dallas, with expansions planned for San Diego and Orlando. “Kids today have unprecedented access to game consoles and tablets,” said Roger Cardinale, president of Chuck E. Cheese’s owner CEC Entertainment. “Our challenge is to deliver an experience not available at home, and there is no doubt virtual reality does just that. Oculus Rift technology is the next frontier in the gaming industry, and we’re thrilled to be able to say it’s part of the Chuck E. Cheese’s lineup.” As part of a six-week trial run in the three test markets, kids will get to use the Oculus Rift headset to try out the “Virtual Ticket Blaster.” The standard Ticket Blaster is a game where kids stand in a chamber and must grab tickets as they fly by. But the Oculus Rift version of this experience will have them doing so in virtual reality.

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