Don’t forget to back up that data

A recent study from Acronis has shown that most people value their data over their mobile devices. This isn’t hard to believe as smartphones and tablets are replaceable, while pictures, files, and music are not always replaceable. So of course, since we value our files so much, wouldn’t we back them up often just in case they were to get lost? The obvious answer is “yes” but it’s not that simple. Nearly 40% of people have not backed up their files in over three months or even ever backed up their files at all. Only 24% of users back up their devices and data regularly.

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Let’s face it: accidents happen. Files get mistakenly deleted or lost, viruses creep up on us, and phones get stolen every day. What if all your files and personal items were on that device? If you never back up your data, it’s likely you won’t see them ever again. But through frequent and reliable back ups, getting access to your files is simple and easy when the time comes.

Have you ever lost all your data? If so, what did you do? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to like and share with your friends. Check out the infographic below to learn more about backing up data.


Infographic courtesy of Acronis

Data Backup image courtesy of SaphhireSEO

By Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the President of NowSourcing, Inc., a premier social media firm specializing in infographic design, development and content marketing promotion. The company is based in Louisville, KY and works with companies that range from small business to Fortune 500.

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