Flappy Bird creator teases his next game in recent tweet

After removing his smash iOS hit Flappy Bird from the App Store, developer Dong Nguyen has remained largely quiet, though he recently broke his silence to offer his Twitter followers an image of a new game he’s currently developing. “I am making a new game,” Nguyen tweeted, alongside an image. “So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while.” Nguyen offered no further explanation of the image, nor any information on the game itself. It appears that this new project shares a similar color palette to Flappy Bird, though any further conclusions we might draw are purely conjecture.

Vietnamese indie developer Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird and the entire Flappy phenomenon has mentioned he’s been working on a new game for a while now. A few moments ago, he tweeted an image from the game which at first glance appears like it might be some kind of runner? Dong’s other two games, Shuriken Block [Free] and Super Ball Juggling[Free] are similarly high-scoring super-difficult retry-for-eternity games, so it’d make sense that his new game is in the same vein. What I do know, is that after meeting Dong Nguyen at GDC, the dude is just like any other spirited indie developer and just wants to make awesome games. That’s a drive I can get behind, and a reason to get excited for this one… Regardless of whether or not it can capture the Flappy magic. Oh, and he mentions, the latest Flappyknock off on the App Store (Which is similarly listed under a duplicate entry for his name.) isn’t real. We’ll be waiting a while still for the return of Flappy Bird.

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