Google expands its Shopping Express service to West LA and Manhattan

Google launched Shopping Express in San Francisco last year, and now it is expanding its same-day delivery service outside of the Bay Area and into West Los Angeles and Manhattan, New York. Available via Android and iOS mobile apps and the Web, Shopping Express brings groceries and other purchases from local stores to your door at a time that is convenient to you that day. Google charges no mark-up or fee, and the service can be used to claim in-store loyalty points and discounts against reward cards.

Further encroaching on Amazon’s comfort zone, Google has started the expansion of its Shopping Express service. Now it is also ready to go through your shopping list for you and bring them right to your doorstep if you happen to reside in West Los Angeles or Manhattan. Google unveiled its Shopping Express service March last year and was seen as the tech giant’s face off with Amazon Prime. But while Google does deliver whatever you can grab from its catalog the way Amazon Prime does, it tries to appeal to a different kind of buyer. Google Shopping Express, as the name would suggest, is more focused on items you’d usually go to the supermarket for on a good day. On a bad day, when you have no time or no energy to run your errands yourself, you can instead let Google do it for you.

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