Google Search now reminds you where you parked your car

Google updated its Search app to add a new card that will remember where you parked your car. Additionally, while previous versions allowed you to set custom nicknames for contacts like “my wife” or “my boss,” you can now manage those from Settings. The new parking detection feature will happen in the background if you have location services enabled. 

According to a report earlier this month, it was suggested that Google could soon introduce parking reminders to Android users, thus reminding users where they might have parked their car which we have to admit can come in handy, especially in big parking lots. We weren’t sure when the feature would make its debut, but the good news is that you won’t have to wait for the next version of Android because the update is already here. Along with the release of standalone apps of Google Docs and Google Sheets, Google has also updated its Google Search up to version 3.4, an upgrade over the previous version of 3.3. In the update it had been discovered that Google Search now gives users a Parking Location card which basically detects where you parked your car, saves its location so that you can use it to track back to it.

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