Google+ Stories is a new tool that creates a digital scrapbook for you

Google on Tuesday detailed a new Google+ feature that might actually attract one or two users to the platform. Ever been on vacation and snapped a bunch of pictures? Instead of just sharing them with your circles, Google+ has a new Stories feature that will turn your photos into, well, a story. There’s a great example shared on the Official Google Blog, showing how photos taken on vacation, or any event really, can be presented in a kind of magazine-style layout.

Google announced a new tool that will automatically create a digital scrapbook of your vacation photos. Google+ Stories, which will begin rolling out to users Tuesday, claims to be able to pick out your best vacation photos and organize them into a visual journal.  The tool will “weave your photos, videos and the places you visited into a beautiful travelogue,” said Google’s director of product management, Anil Sabharwal, in a Google+ post. Stories will be created automatically when users who backed up their photos and videos to Google+ return from vacation. The feature will be integrated into both web and mobile versions of Google+. The tool relies on Google’s Auto Awesome and landmark detection tools, as well as a user’s location history and the geotags of individual photos. It will be able to automatically find the best photos from your library, tag images with city names, and display the names of restaurants, hotels and airports you visited.

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