iBanking is a pre-made malware tool that you can acquire for $5,000

The market for malware tools is expanding, including the purchase of pre-made tools for a hefty fee from underground developers. One such tool aimed at Android, iBanking, promises to conduct a number of malicious actions including intercepting text messages, stealing phone information, pulling geolocation data and constructing botnets with infected devices. All it would cost to obtain the program is $5000, even after its source code leaked earlier in the year.

Researchers at Symantec have discovered that previously known phishing malware for Android has been further developed into a sophisticated weapon that can perform various other malicious activities, and that can work together with similar apps for Windows, Ars Technica reports. Called iBanking, the malware is available to individuals with malicious intentions for around $5,000. The software can intercept incoming and outgoing SMS messages, redirect incoming voice calls, capture sounds within range of the microphone, obtain geolocation data, access the file system, “and remotely corral the device into sprawling mobile botnets that use either HTTP or SMS to communicate, depending on the current network status of the infected handset.”

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