McDonald's wants to give kids in the U.K. e-books instead of toys

McDonald’s has had a long and proud tradition of giving toys to kids whenever they purchase a Happy Meal. Heck, in recent years we’ve seen them give toys and collectibles away to adults as well, but that’s a different story altogether. That being said, it seems that McDonald’s in the UK is hoping to do something different and have teamed up with Kobo to offer children an e-book with every Happy Meal purchase.

Forget racecars and Disney princesses. Kids in the UK are getting something a little more digital with their McDonald’s Happy Meal: an e-book. The golden arches is partnering with Kobo to include a download code for one of Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven children’s mystery books with every meal purchased between now and June 3rd as part of its annual “Happy Readers” program. Over the past two years, the annual initiative has passed out millions of books, and is touted as quite a success (although we’re not quite sure how “happy” we’d be about getting an e-book rather than a toy). However, this is the first time Ronald has gotten a digital retailer like Kobo in on the action. Enthusiastic kids who still want to fill the bookshelf in their room (or moms afraid of ketchup stains on their e-readers) can also snag a £1 coupon with their meal to pick up a traditional copy of the books. If only the child detectives could forever solve the mystery of what’s actually in McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

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