More images of the HTC One Mini 2 have been leaked

Judging by the way these leaks are intensifying, the HTC One mini 2 might not retain its unofficial status for much longer. The upcoming compact premium smartphone has made the news once more thanks to popular source of leaks @evleaks. Mr. Blass has used his Twitter account to post a press photo of the HTC One mini 2, showing the smartphone in three different colors. Gray, silver and gold match the trio of versions that the HTC One had at launch. 

There have been countless rumors about HTC having another smartphone up its sleeve. Back in March the company unveiled its 2014 flagship the HTC One (M8). As it did last year the company is expected to release a “mini” variant this year as well. Apparently its going to be called the HTC One mini 2 and may very well be announced later this month. While we have seen numerous leaked images of the HTC One mini 2 in the past, including a similar press shot, today a proper high resolution press shot of this smartphone has leaked online. The image was posted on Twitter by none other than @evleaks who is well known for leaking stuff before it is announced. The design clearly resembles that of its high-end sibling however one major difference is immediately noticeable. The HTC One mini 2 doesn’t have the Duo Camera and that makes perfect sense since these variants are relatively cheaper than the high-end models. This press shot also reveals the possibility that it may not have a dual LED flash like the M8.

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