Nintendo starts to deliver on its promise to focus more on mobile apps

As a part of its latest financial results briefing, Nintendo has unveiled a new web-based service optimized for smartphones to coincide with the upcoming release of Mario Kart 8. The web app will allow all users to view gameplay videos and other information, while those with a Nintendo Network ID will be able to upload videos, establish their rankings, and see friend activity over time. 

At the start of the year, Nintendo explained that while it wasn’t bringing its gaming properties to the smartphone carrying millions, it would be tackling the platform as a way of attracting more people to its games and consoles. Let’s not get too excited — the above isn’t an app (apparently), but a web-based portal. Nintendo’s done these in the past, but they haven’t been quite as feature-rich as this. You’ll see a feed of your friends activities (this one’s all about Mario Kart), while there’s apparently separate pages for movies and rankings. There’s no Nintendo Network ID required to access the service, but you will need said ID to login and establish your own rankings and upload videos. No launch dates, but we’d assume it will fall in line with the launch of the next Mario Kart installment. Oh, and there’s E3 next month.

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