NVIDIA auctions "one of a kind" gaming PC for charity

If you’re looking to get yourself a brand new gaming rig, the folks at NVIDIA and Falcon Northwest have recently teamed up and created a one of a kind tower design that they will be auctioning off on eBay. The proceeds will go to the Philip Scholz Memorial Foundation and as it stands, the price on the computer is currently sitting at $5,200 with 6 days to go, so there is a chance that it will go higher.

Earlier this year, Nvidia’s NVDA +0.6% Philip Scholz selflessly sacrificed his life to save another. Shortly thereafter, his friends and colleagues founded The Philip Scholz Memorial Foundation to continue the tradition of Scholz’s helpful nature. Today, system builder Falcon Northwest and Nvidia have teamed up to auction off a one-of-a-kind gaming PC on eBay, with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to charity. The reason I’m reporting on this will become evident to longtime readers in about 5 seconds. It turns out the system on the auction block is the Tiki, the very same machine I hailed as “the perfect PC.” On paper, this one is even better. The Tiki was already a feat of engineering on its own; a diminutive 4-inch wide, 13.2-inch tall console-sized PC which matched the performance of towers three times its size. For this auction, however, Falcon Northwest has added some bells, whistles, and decidedly cool eye candy to the mix.

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