Oculus VR wants to create an MMO with over a billion players

Will virtual reality gaming take off in a big way down the road? Nobody really knows, but we are pretty sure that the folks over at Oculus VR have big plans for the world of gaming. In fact, it is said that they intend to build an MMO game that will target a whopping 1 billion players – now is that being overenthusiastic, or what? Apparently, this was what CEO Brendan Iribe announced at the technology conference known as TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014.

Oculus VR has big plans for its future, including the possibility of a massively multiplayer online game that can simultaneously support one billion people, CEO Brendan Iribe announced during technology conference TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014. According to Iribe, the VR MMO would require “a bigger network than exists in the world today,” but Facebook is a good start. The outlandish goal would be possible in part thanks to Oculus’ deal with Facebook; Facebook acquired the company in March for $2 billion. At the time, founder Palmer Luckey told Polygon the product would be of higher quality and at a better price as a result. Before the MMO is possible, however, Oculus wants to convince people they’re having “real” conversations with people — it’s the company’s “holy grail,” he said.

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