Samsung is reportedly working on a smartwatch-phone

Samsung is said to be working on yet another smart watch model expected to be unveiled this summer — one that would completely replace a smartphone rather than simply being an accessory to one. In addition to taking calls, the new stand-alone watch from Samsung is expected to capture pictures, send emails, and include integrated GPS, Bluetooth and even a heart-rate monitor. The rumored device would essentially be a wrist-bound smartphone, which is very different from existing smart watches, which offload battery-draining duties to wirelessly connected smartphones that must be in proximity.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is developing a smartwatch that can make or receive calls without having to be tethered to a mobile phone, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. Samsung, the world’s largest maker of smartphones, is in discussions with unidentified U.S., Korean and European telecommunications carriers about a so-called “watch-phone” that it hopes to unveil between June and July, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with the company’s plans. The current crop of smartwatches, such as Samsung’s own Galaxy Gear, have to be linked to a phone to receive and send messages and perform other basic functions. But the proposed watch-phone, which will run on Samsung’s Tizen operating software, can take photos and handle email independently and will come equipped with a heart monitor, the newspaper reported. Samsung declined to comment.

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