Samsung to pay Apple and extra $4 million in damages

It does seem as though Samsung’s pockets have been hit yet again due to the legal ramifications of their patent case with Apple, where a federal jury performed a recalculation on the amount that Samsung needs to pay Apple. Apparently, it was discovered that Samsung had to pay another $4 million more to the $119 plus million that was awarded to Apple earlier, due to the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone as well as a patent that has something to do with an autocorrect feature.

A federal jury in San Jose on Monday recalculated its damage award, but left essentially intact its decision that Samsung owes Apple nearly $120 million in damages. The move follows the jury’s earlier decision to award $119.6 million to Apple, as well as $158,400 to Samsung in its countersuit. The jurors had been asked to reconsider one product and one patent for which they found infringement but did not award damages. It took the jury a little over two hours to reallocate its damages award. The panel raised the amount owed for some products, but lowered the amount for others, basically leaving things where they stood initially. Both sides are expected to appeal various parts of the case, including the verdict. On Friday, Apple praised the jury’s findings.

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