Samsung's new security software Knox 2.0 launches on the Galaxy S5

Samsung’s Knox 2.0 Workspace platform is now available on the Galaxy S5 smartphone worldwide, as the company attempts to boost security and lure enterprise users to the brand in the face of BYOD. The South Korean firm announced the commercial availability of Knox 2.0 on Wednesday. Samsung says that Knox 2.0 features “cutting-edge core platform security, improved user experience, and an expansive ecosystem to better meet the rapidly evolving enterprise mobility needs of customer.” 

Samsung is getting down to business with an update to Knox on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Knox 2.0 involves a rethink of Samsung’s business software and services designed to make Galaxy phones and tablets safe for work. Samsung now describes the new improved Knox as not one platform but a “portfolio of multiple products and services“, designed to beef up the security of phones and tablets so they can be safely and securely used by businesses. The core security platform and app container has been renamed Knox Workspace, and the overall Knox ecosystem adds two new cloud-based services: Knox EMM allows your device to be controlled remotely by your IT team, and Knox Marketplace is a dedicated app store.

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