Samsung's rumored Galaxy S5 mini could be called the Galaxy S5 Dx

So we have been hearing a lot of rumors that Samsung is planning a smaller Galaxy S5 handset which is tentatively known as the Galaxy S5 mini. This naming scheme hardly comes as a surprise given that it will be smaller than the Galaxy S5, and also because there were its predecessors, the Galaxy S4 mini and the Galaxy S3 mini, which adds a bit of historical “proof”. However according to a recent tweet [email protected], it has been suggested that Samsung could instead rename the handset to the Galaxy S5 Dx.

Samsung may be looking to launch a new line of devices in the Dx series, as a Samsung UK listing revealed that the Galaxy S5 mini could be called the Galaxy S5 Dx. Samsung has similarly spun off the camera-centric version of the Galaxy S5 into the Galaxy K Zoom, so it is feasible that the South Korean manufacturer might be looking to do the same with the mini variant of the Galaxy S5. The move would serve to create a more consistent branding and not confuse consumers, as it has been revealed that a Galaxy S5 Neo might also be in the works. The image, which was leaked by @evleaks, reveals a listing for the SM-G800, which is the model number for the Galaxy S5 mini. The Galaxy S5 mini is rumoured to be a mid-range offering, much like last year’s Galaxy S4 mini.

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