Samsung's security platform KNOX gets approval from the UK government

The UK government has published a security guidance for using Samsung KNOX on select Samsung smartphones and tablets, giving the devices a stamp of approval for public sector use. The decision follows months of testing by the Communications and Electronics Security Group, a UK body tasked with addressing communications security. The End User Devices Security Guidance affects Samsung devices with Android 4.3 and Samsung’s enterprise security platform KNOX, which provides enhanced hardware and software protection, device encryption, per-app VPN capability, and a secure app store.

The UK government has published guidance recommending that Samsung Knox is used on devices running Android 4.3 in order to keep communication secure within the public sector. Following months of testing by the UK’s Communications and Electronics Security Group (CESG), the organization tasked with guiding government departments on communications security, the UK government has published End User Devices (EUD) Security Guidance for Samsung Knox on using selected Samsung Android smartphones and tablets. Now advocated by the governmental body, UK public sector workers have the option of using Samsung devices for business use rather than only for personal use, as long as Knox is enabled. Samsung Knox is an Android-based solution developed for business, government and enterprise use. When enabled on your smartphone or tablet, Knox provides users with additional layers of security, a dedicated app store with verified, safe applications, and the ability to register your device within an enterprise setting.

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