Selfy smartphone case has a wireless remote for the built-in camera

Has the selfie phenomenon driven you bonkers yet? No? Well, then, here’s another product for you to satisfy that self-love craze. The Selfy from iLuv is billed as the world’s first smartphone case that comes equipped with a wireless remote for the built-in camera, allowing you to activate the shutter button while using the better rear camera Selfy combines an “abrasion-resistant protection” case with a removable remote shutter that’s integrated into the back, so it’s there wherever your smartphone goes.

If you want to take the ultimate selfie, you’re sometimes limited to the length of your arms. A new line of products from iLuv aim to eliminate the distance you can be from your device while snapping a self portrait. Their aptly named “Selfy” system includes all you need for the perfect shot, from case to shutter — even a tripod or mount. The case, which iLuv tells us will retail for around $49.99, has a built-in, removable shutter accessory. Now you can stand back and snap a pic, just by pressing the button in your hand. If you’re not sure where to set your phone, iLuv has made the options nearly limitless. Their mini tripod makes set-up on any surface easy, and the flexible legs let you place it on sloped or uneven levels. The various mounts allow you to place your device on a bar or extended arm, and a helmet cam lets you take the ultimate action shot.

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