Shipping times for Apple's new Mac Pro drop down to 3-4 weeks

The new Mac Pro unveiled by Apple last year not only looks impressive, but based on reviews, performs impressively as well. However if there is one downside to the computer is that it is pretty hard to get a hold of it. It seems that Apple might have underestimated demand for the computers because ever since the computer was launched, Mac Pro customers have been experiencing a fair amount of delays.

Apple has altered the expected shipping times on its standard Mac Pro configurations down to 3-4 weeks, an improvement over the recent drop to 3-5 weeks seen in late April. Apart from a short window when the units were first announced, the new ship times are the best yet seen for Apple’s thoroughly-redesigned workstation computer. At the beginning of April, ship times for the Mac Pro were estimated at five to six weeks, showing steady improvement towards supply-demand balance. Shortly after its debut five months ago, shipping times climbed to as far as nearly three months after orders, leading many to wonder if Apple’s commitment to USA-based production, or possibly technical issues, were hampering the rollout.

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