Sony is bringing the PlayStation 4 to China

About a month back Microsoft announced that its next generation console, the Xbox Oneis going to be launched in China this September. The People’s Republic has kept consoles out of its market for a long time but given that the ban on import of video games and consoles was recently lifted, Microsoft joined forces with a local company to swoop in. Sony todayconfirmed that its console is also going to enter the market as well and for that purpose it too has teamed up with a local company called Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development.

It’s only been about a month since Microsoft announced that it’ll be bringing the Xbox to China come September, courtesy of the local government lifting its somewhat lax ban on imported video games and consoles. Today, Sony finally confirmed that the PlayStation will indeed be joining Redmond’s console in the Far East. Just like Microsoft’s collaboration with China’s BesTV, Sony’s also be working with a local company called Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development (OPCD in short). As pointed out by Sina Tech, the interesting thing is that both BesTV and OPCD are part of the massive Shanghai Media Group. Sony and OPCD’s joint venture will form two companies: one to manage the manufacturing and sales of the hardware, and the other to manage the services plus the sales, licensing, distribution and R&D of the software.

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