StackStorm wants to make it easy to have a “self-driving data center”

There needs to be more automation in DevOps, but data center managers still mistrust automation and generally avoid implementing it at scale. This is the problem StackStorm, a Palo Alto, California-based startup, came out of stealth today to fix. The company’s operations automation software, delivered as a service, is designed to use management and monitoring tools data center managers already use to automate management tasks across their entire infrastructure.

If you really must maintain your own data center, it’s nice if you can minimize the number of people who work there. A startup called StackStorm wants to help you do that. Stackstorm, which has operated in stealth mode until today, intends to help stodgy enterprises run their facilities like Facebook, where a single person can be responsible for tens of thousands of servers, not just a couple of hundred, which is more common. “There’s a massive shift happening — and maybe it’s already happened with top operators, being several times, not 10 times more productive, but 100, and in some extreme cases, 1,000 times more productive,” said StackStorm cofounder and chief executive Evan Powell in an interview with VentureBeat. Powell and his team believe such productivity gains can trickle down, with the right technology and business model.

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