The future of the connected field technician

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 So often, people are faced with machinery that doesn’t work and technology that malfunctions. Soon, this life may be a thing of the past.

Machine-to-machine infrastructure is growing by leaps and bounds. There are currently 50 billion sensors living inside of the machines we use. It is estimated that this number will increase by 40-fold in the next few years — there will soon be as many as 2 trillion sensors living in our stuff.

What do these sensors do? They measure factors that can indicate when a machine is about to break down. Temperature, vibrations, output levels, sound and revolutions per minute are all measurable aspects of a machine that can indicate whether or not things are running normally. If any of these factors changes, it could be a sign that the machine is experiencing some problems.

In this way, repairmen are able to fix your printer before it breaks, address a problem before the Internet cuts out or troubleshoot something before you even call customer support.

All of this allows problems to be fixed quickly and at a lower cost.

In this infographic, Service Power takes an in-depth look at M2M infrastructure and how it’s gearing up to change the way we approach everyday problems.

Connected Field Technician Infographic
Infographic courtesy of ServicePower

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Written by Brian Wallace

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