Bungie helped Sony develop the PlayStation 4’s controller

So we know that Bungie and Sony have some kind of special relationship with one another. It was revealed that the game would be getting exclusive content if played on a Sony PlayStation platform, and that the game itself would be exclusive to the PlayStation in Japan, but how far back does Bungie and Sony’s relationship go? Well it turns out pretty long. This is according to an interview Bungie’s Head of Community, Eric Osborne, did with TechRadar during E3 2014 which took place last week. According to Osborne, Sony and Bungie’s relationship goes all the way back to the beginning, when next-gen was merely talked about.

Since Bungie broke off from its many-year partnership with Microsoft in 2007, it’s been surprising to see the company turn around and hook right up with Sony for all these Destiny PS4 exclusives. Bungie even gets exclusive dibs on launching Destiny with the white PS4. One has to wonder how long the partnership has been going on. Did Bungie plan to hop right into bed with Sony the minute it changed its Facebook status to “single”? Or is it a more recent fling? During an interview at E3 2014 Bungie Head of Community Eric Osborne revealed that, in fact, Bungie and Sony have been working together since before the PS4’s design was even finalized. “Sony’s been a really good partner all the way back to the beginning when we were first talking next-gen, and when we first started building Destiny,” Osborne said. “We really didn’t know where anybody was going, but it became really clear talking with Sony at the outset that their vision really aligned with where we wanted to go.” But it was more than their visions aligning – Osborne said Bungie even influenced the PlayStation 4’s design.

By Sal McCloskey

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