Google Glass gets fancy with new Diane von Furstenberg partnership

In yet another attempt to class up Glass, Google has tapped Diane von Furstenberg to design limited-edition frames. Much like the in-house designs that came out earlier this year, DVF has created more fashionable frames that attach to the high-tech headpiece. The line, which Google will unveil June 4, includes five new frames and eight new shades. Interested buyers can purchase the accessories on Net-a-Porter and Mr. Porter starting June 23. The new specs are an incremental improvement from other recent attempts to make the face computers look less awkward. The already-available Glass frames come in one shade of black; DVF offers a bit more flair with frames available in brown and four other colors. 

Google is injecting some pizazz into its Google Glass wearable technology after the company announced a new collection of frames and shades created by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. The ‘DVF | Made for Glass collection’ will be available to buy from the Google Glass site or Net-A-Porter from June 23, and it includes five new frames and eight new shades designed by von Furstenberg. The Belgium-born designer has previous ties with Glass, having used the technology in a runway show in New York last year. Google opened the $1,500 Explorer Program to members of the public in the US last month, and appointed long-time fashion industry marketer Ivy Ross as its new head of Glass. With those changes in mind, bringing on a fashion icon like von Furstenberg is a logical step as Google tries to change the perception of Glass from a geeky gadget for tech nerds, to a stylish and desirable device for all. We suspect this is the first of many fashion-related tie-ins to come.

By Alfie Joshua

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