Microsoft apparently has international ambitions for Bing

There’s no doubt in the fact that Google is truly the most popular search engine on the planet. Most people simply refer to searching for something online as “Googling it,” and it doesn’t look like the search engine is going to lose its appeal anytime soon. Even though it may not be threatened by it, evidently Microsoft’s Bing is its true competitor. Redmond works hard to position Bing as a true Google competitor and it is now seeking applications for a new post which reveals how its search engine has sights set on international expansion. Microsoft quietly listed a job opening for a business development manager for Bing international. On the face of it the title may not look that interesting but its the job posting’s description that gives us a glimpse of how the company wants to take Bing forward.

Bing may not be threatening Google, but it is a top competitor in the search market, thanks to its innovative look and added features. The company even made a deal to power Yahoo, which also helped in its standing as the biggest competition to the clear leader. Now Microsoft is looking to expand the horizons for this arm of its business, as it has quietly listed a job position that reveals quite a lot about plans for the future. The nondescript sounding position is for a business development manager for Bing International. However, it’s the description that reveals the plans. “Bing is embarking on the most ambitious geographic and product expansion in its history. International is now front and center at Bing. ASG is charged to make Bing a quality product in 75 markets around the world, driven by the needs of Microsoft’s core products and global strategic alliances – Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox, Nokia, Yahoo and others”, the listing reads. No details are given about the markets or actual plans. It is early days, with the company just now hiring, so it will be a bit of time before the news of what is happening begins to trickle out. Thanks to Daniel Su for the tip!

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