Microsoft is reportedly launching its own smartwatch in October

Since smartwatches are all the rage these days it wouldn’t be shocking to see Microsoft come out with one of its own. We have heard many rumors about the folks at Redmond working on a new wearable device. As per the latest, the company’s new smartwatch might be released this October. It is believed that the Microsoft smartwatch will come with 11 sensors as well as multi-platform support. Multi-platform compatibility will truly set the company’s wearable device apart. It means that the Microsoft smartwatch will be able to work with Windows Phone, iOS and Android. One is its own platform while the others are the two most popular mobile platforms in the market right now.

It’s the weekend, which makes it the perfect time for rumors to drop about Microsoft’s plans for in the wearable space. Today a rumor is making the rounds that Microsoft’s smartwatch will come this October with eleven sensors, open APIs and more. We’ve seen actual patent filings on what Microsoft has planned for your wrist. And the latest rumors don’t stretch the imagination too much. When it comes to the patent filings, we’ve seen it pop up twice. The first sighting shared details like fitness-tracking features, a removable body, a smartwatch dock and more. The second sighting showed us more of the actual device, which you can see above in an image. So what are the latest rumors? Tom’s Hardware is reporting that a ‘Microsoft Smartband’ will come this October with 11 sensors, open APIs and cross-platform compatibility. They also state that the display will be on the underside of the band. An October release date isn’t too far-fetched at all, and it’s something we’ve heard ourselves. We also know that the smartwatch (or smartband) will come with a variety of sensors. Because to release one without would be utterly insane.

By Lorie Wimble

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