T-Mobile has had more than 12,000 signups to "test drive" an iPhone 5s

It’s been just one and a half days since John Legere took to the stage in Seattle to announce the latest stages of Uncarrier. And both are seemingly off to a flying start. In a blog post this morning, the controversial CEO took time out to update us on the early success of T-Mobile Test Drive and Music Freedom. Legere notes that he wants customers from other carriers to come and try the network out for themselves, and not rely on 2-3 year-old information. Since pre-registration began at T-Mobile.com/testdrive, more than 12,000 people have signed up to cheat on their carriers with a #7nightstand. Test Drive orders will go live next Monday, June 23.

Proclaiming “the way we buy wireless in this country is patently absurd,” T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Thursday announced a promotion called “Test Drive,” where prospective customers get a free week’s use of the network — on a new iPhone 5s, also provided by the company — to see how they like it, with no cost or obligation. Twenty-four hours later, Legere reported that over 12,000 new users have already signed up for the program, which begins on Monday. During the presentation, he noted that the average T-Mobile customer uses more data than those on other networks, in part because of the carrier’s more liberal policy on data usage and “unlimited” data plans. T-Mobile customers use 69 percent more data than the average Verizon user, 61 percent more than Sprint, and double the average of AT&T, Legere said. He added that T-Mobile has 70 percent more spectrum per customer than Verizon.

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