The battery-free iFind could be the “next generation item locating tag”

Bringing the world’s first battery-free locating tag into the spotlight, Texas-based technology company WeTag launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its brand new device,iFind. The product is powered by the company’s patent pending technologies and is the first Bluetooth item locator that requires no battery. According to its campaign website, the iFind is considered the “next generation item locating tag.” The device communicates with iOS or Android devices using Bluetooth and will never need to be charged. It can be attached to all personal items and all the user needs is their cellphone to keep track of it. The iFind also has an impressive 200ft range and is extremely loud.

iFind is a battery-free item location tag. It helps you ease the pain by saving you the time and frustration of trying to locate your misplaced item. Plus, your brain is also liberated from intense thoughts of “where did I last put it?” Item-locating hardware devices like iFind aim to aid you in the misadventure of finding your misplaced items. Most of these work by connecting to an app on your mobile phone. However, what makes iFind stand out from the crowd is that it requires absolutely no battery to function. Developed by WeTag, iFind collects its power from ambient electromagnetic sources, such as Wi-Fi transmitters or mobile phone antennas. The power attained can be converted into enough electrical currents and stored in a power bank in iFind, which simulates a battery that continually supports a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) radio. You simply turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone and connect to iFind, download the iFind app, and enter the tag ID to start enabling location tagging. In the case of misplacing your item tagged with iFind, open up the iFind app on your mobile phone to start locating the item. The tag would then let off a beeping sound upon detection.

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  • Jack

    Sorry mate, but this gadget is a scam….