A Tizen-powered Samsung Galaxy S5 is reportedly in the works

It was only some time ago that Sammy had announced that it would bring to our midst a Tizen-powered Samsung Z smartphone. We now hear that the company might bring in a new Galaxy S5 handset too which will be powered by Tizen. We have been hearing bits and pieces of info with regard to a Galaxy S% that will be run by Tizen for quite some time now. However, nothing solid had emerged until now. The latest piece of info has surfaced in the Zauba import list, and it has listed down three devices under the ‘Samsung Galaxy S5 Tizen Test Phone’ tag. As far as we know, the upcoming Galaxy S5 Tizen device would come carrying a quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM. Storage will be spruced up by 16GB or more. Chances are that the manufacturer might throw in a microSD card slot that would support up to 128GB cards.

Samsung finally made its first ever smartphone running Tizen official at the beginning of this month. That said, the Samsung Z may not be the only Tizen-powered handset to arrive from the Korean behemoth this year. According to an Indian import tracking website, three units of a Galaxy S5 model running Tizen have recently made it to Samsung for testing purposes. Now this may be nothing, or it may signify that Samsung is getting ready to release a variation of the Galaxy S5 that comes with Tizen preinstalled. The price of each testing unit of this Tizen-running Galaxy S5 is said to be INR 54,404, which is a lot – around $905, to be exact. But that could be lowered if such a device is ever going to be sold. Other details aren’t available yet. And unless more information about the Galaxy S5 with Tizen gets leaked, you probably shouldn’t view this as certainly coming to market. Compared to the Samsung Z, the Galaxy S5 has a bigger and more pixel-packed screen, a higher-res rear camera, a processor that’s clocked 200 MHz higher, and a battery that has 200 mAh of extra capacity. So it’s not like there wouldn’t be a place in Samsung’s portfolio for a device running Tizen yet sporting the S5’s specs.

By Louie Baur

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