BlackBerry’s CEO doesn’t know if the glory days will ever come back

BlackBerry Ltd. Chief Executive Officer John Chen, who is working to remake the company, said he’s unsure if it can regain iconic status. “I am comfortable with where the company is today, how we managed our technology, our businesses, the margins, the distribution channel or the new products that’s coming out,” Chen said in a Bloomberg Television interview with Emily Chang. “Whether it’s going to be good enough to be iconic again, OK, that’s something I need to chew on. I don’t know the answer to that question.”

BlackBerry has fallen — and whether it can get up again is something even CEO John Chen is questioning. After discussing his vision for the firm’s future in a recent interview with Bloomberg, he reflected on what had already been achieved before asking himself if BlackBerry could ever again reach the heights it once did. His answer must be troubling to BlackBerry fans: “That’s something I need to chew on, I don’t know the answer.” Chen isn’t a fortune teller, so we wouldn’t expect him to predict what could happen in the future, but it’s telling that he didn’t say it was a goal, or even a dream, to become the BlackBerry that many fondly remember. Instead, he played down the prospects of BlackBerry returning to former glories, hinting that it simply wasn’t part of the plan. Prior to this, Chen was grilled over any plans to sell the BlackBerry company. He told the interviewer that he didn’t have any current offers, and would prefer to “build value” before thinking about an outright sale. Chen admitted there had been talks, but none had resulted in a firm offer. He didn’t mention any names, but in the past, companies such as Lenovo have been linked with a purchase.


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