Do CD’s still have a place in the world? This man thinks so

CDs can’t beat the nostalgia of vinyl or the convenience of digital, but they still play a significant role in the music industry. And at least one man is singing its praises. Steven Hyden makes the argument for Grantland that CDs do have their place, much like vinyl. Hyden connects seminal albums to the context in which they were originally released, and he can’t imagine listening to them any other way. He makes a few other good points though it’s going to be hard to convince the hordes to switch from all-you-can-eat streaming services.

There are approximately 100 compact discs on my desk right now. Behind me are two racks holding another 2,000 discs. In my basement, there’s an additional couple thousand, and in my mother’s basement there are about a dozen boxes holding hundreds more of my passionately adored glorified coasters. I collect vinyl, too, and I’ve held on to some old cassettes. And of course I have two hard drives full of MP3s and a paid subscription to a music streaming service. But at heart I’m a CD collector. I still own CDs I purchased when I was 14. I haven’t retained anything else from when I was 14, except for my teeth. It’s possible my copy of the Singles soundtrack will outlive my molars. Not only have I not gotten rid of my old CDs, I also buy new CDs nearly every week. Call it loyalty or lunacy, but the CD remains my preferred music delivery device. It’s more convenient than vinyl and more tangible than digital. I like the sense of continuity it gives my music collection, jumbling up records I bought in 1992 with 2003 and 2011 and yesterday. I like picking out discs for car rides and letting them collect over the course of weeks in the backseat. The rest I like looking at on display in my office — it’s part monument, part money pit, part mirror, part climbing hazard for my 2-year-old son.

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By Scarlett Madison

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