Google Glass has been banned from Comic-Con

Google Glass, the wearable head mounted optical display device that has waded into a fair number of controversies in the past way before it was even released to the masses, has been banned from this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, especially when it comes to film screenings. This ban was listed down in Comic-Con’s official Convention Policies handbook, although it must be stated that the blacklisted devices printed in the handbook itself are called “Glasses”, which semantically, it is different from how Google pronounces it as just Glass.

While you might be able to don an Oculus Rift to pilot a Pacific Rim jaeger, Comic-Con isn’t as accepting of another piece of (not so) popular headgear. As TechHive reports, event organizers have begun mirroring actions taken by some US and UK movie theaters in outright banning Google Glass from screenings. On its official website, Comic-Con states that Glass is held in the same regard as smartphones and video cameras, noting that attendees “cannot wear Google Glasses during footage viewing in any program room.” If you’re a trendy Explorer who has a prescription Glass, let’s hope you’ve brought a backup pair of specs because you’re getting no special treatment. All things aside, the ban is totally logical: organizers work with movie and TV studios to secure exclusive screenings for fans and they don’t want someone with a smartphone, video camera or wearable to ruin the fun for everyone (even if it benefits those of us who can’t attend). While theaters are a little overzealous in suggesting moviegoers can record a whole film, Comic-Con screenings are short affairs, making that covert YouTube upload totally possible.

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By Sal McCloskey

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